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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 19, 2010 6:00am-7:00am PST

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but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. fattal. good morning. i'm garvin thomas. next at 7:00 on "today in the bay" home at last, a hiker in prison for over a year in iran is back on american soil. we'll tell you where she's headed next. >> i would like to have more police officers. i can't afford them. >> cutting gang patrol to keep community centers. the tough choice in one south bay city that could put your neighborhood at risk. and the east bay commuters start your wallets. the bay area's first express car pool lane opens tomorrow. and you don't have to be a car pooler to use it. where it is and how much you'll have to pay just ahead. from nbc bay area, reporting what matters to you, this is "today in the bay."
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good morning, everyone. 7:00, sunday morning is the time. hope you're having a great weekend and thank you very much for making us part of it. i'm garvin thomas alongside craig herrera. >> good morning. >> i saw a little sunshine. >> south bay sunshine. >> south bay and east bay. >> going to get a little. not a complete washout. some has come through san francisco into the north end of the bay. 50s and 60s about everywhere. what we'll get will be a little rain, 58 in san francisco, 56 in livermore. here is the radar and the front, one of them is coming through right now. a lot of rain from sacramento up through checo and up into the high sierra. behind it there's unsettled air coming in. this is within the past hour. you got a couple rain drops in san francisco, parts of ma rin county into napa, solano and east side of the bay. your daily planner for today. scattered showers for the north end of the bay, by 8:00. noon, we'll get scattered
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showers, most concentrated from san francisco and north. by 1:00 done, and by 5:00 clearing out. more on the seven-day forecast and pinpoint a little more on that rain specifically hour by hour. >> thank you very much. new this morning, cutting police to balance the budget. right now, the largest city in the bay area is shutting down an elite police gang task force. a tradeoff to keep community centers open. the san jose gang task force is the latest casualty of a $118 million budget gap. the unit is made up of 18 officers and three sergeants and reportedly responsible for over a thousand gang-related arrests each year. mayor chuck reed says the decision reflects the community's shifting values. >> the priorities of my city and people is to keep the libraries and community centers open. to close the libraries to give the police officers and fire fighters a pay raise is not reflecting the values of my community. >> police will protest the cuts
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this morning at the east san jose shopping center where a 12-year-old was allegedly shot and killed by a gang members last halloween. right now the search is on for a suspect who shot three people near a popular east bay restaurant overnight. oakland police say the suspect pulled out a gun after getting into an argument outside the house of chicken and waffles near jack london square. witnesses say the suspect fired from a car driving by the restaurant at around a quarter to 3:00 this morning. all three people hit are recovering at an east bay hospital. a san jose sexual abuse scandal is leading to big changes in how one of america's olympic sports programs is being run. this weekend, usa swimming is approaching sweeping new protection members for its swimmers including criminal background checks for coaches. coaches and volunteers must register with usa swimming and have the permission of a parent or guardian before visiting a swimmer's home. coaches are also banned from giving rub downs to swimmers or traveling alone with swimmers without permission.
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in march, san jose attorney robert alard filed a lawsuit alleging widespread abuse, accusing more than 30 coaches of sexually abusing their swimmers. this week an east bay judge will decide whether to move a murder case out of the bay area. defense lawyers say they won't be able to find an impartial jury in the chauncey bailey murder trial because of relentless negative news coverage. the former leader of your muslim black bakery is accused of ordering the investigative journalist killing. bailey work ok a killing about the bakery's finances when shot and killed. this morning, a community is coming together to raise money for the victims of the san bruno gas line explosion. neighbors will gather from 11:00 this morning to 6:00 tonight for a day of music and activities. all the money raised will go to the lion club find for the fire victims. for more information visit
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support sb fire also this weekend, loved ones are saying good-bye to those lost in the explosion. hundreds of people packed into the chapel of the highland to celebrate the life of 20-year-old jessica morales. she and her boyfriend were watching football at his home when the fireball hit. joseph gomez tried to save her but it was too late. last flight it wasn't about how she died, it was about how she lived. >> she can come back, she was a great sister. from which she supported me and did everything for me to make me happy. my mom, my brother, my sister, and especially my dad. >> the family says she had a flair for fashion and was taking classes at the academy of art in san francisco. her boyfriend is still in the hospital recovering from severe burns.
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pg&e is facing its first legal challenge filed on behalf of those who live in the fire zone. homeowner steve dare is seeking class-action status to change the way the company is managing its $100 million victims fund. he also accuses pg&e of negligence for the explosion that killed seven people and destroyed almost 40 homes. his lawyer said damages could go far beyond the amount of the victi victims' fund. >> our estimated damages are $300 million to $500 million depending on how you look at it and what damages you include in this. obviously the personal injury claims of themselves with the deaths are multiple million dollar cases. >> pg&e responded to the lawsuit telling us, quote, it is disappointing to hear about legal action so close to this tragedy. our focus right now is help the citizens of san bruno to recover. it's regrettable legal action has been filed before the ntsb has finished its investigation. pg&e is expected to turn
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over a list of the most at-risk sections of its pipeline system tomorrow. the public utilities commission made the request in writing on friday after pg&e refused to turn over the list, arguing that releasing the information would present a threat to national security. state senator's office tells us the list is scheduled to be handed over to the puc at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. starting tomorrow morning tolls won't be just for bay area bridges anymore. the region's first express toll lanes will open for east bay commuters tomorrow. the lanes run on 680 southbound from milpitas to the sin noll grade and here's how it works. solo drivers with fast track will be charged for using the lanes. car poolers can use it for free but must disable their transponder to avoid being charged. the cost will vary depending on how much traffic there is. during business busy times expect to pay between 4 and $6. they will be in effect from 5:00
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in the morning to 8:00 at night. there was an unusual political message at the giants game last night. the mystery boat was spotted in mccovey cove and reads free johannes mehserle and advertises a website. he's the former barts police officer of convicted oscar grant. we're told this is not the first time this boat has been spotted but no word on who is behind it. still ahead on "today in the bay" a home coming over a year in the making. sarah shourd is back in the united states. the political statement she plans on making today just ahead. and fears of a mass suicide are growing as police search for missing members of a california cult, including eight children.
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new this morning, a cal
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graduate held in iran more than 13 months is back on american soil. sarah shourd arrived early this morning after leaving oman yesterday. a spokeswoman for the family wouldn't say exactly where shourd's flight landed but said shourd will give a news conference in new york later today where iran nan president ahmadinejad is due to attend the u.n. general assembly. shourd's fiance and their friend remain behind bars in iran on spying charges. secretary of state hillary clinton is calling out to the people of iran to reject their country's military expansion. clinton says the u.s. is increasingly concerned about the rise of military power in iran. she adds that iran was founded as a republic. she hopes responsible iranians will find a which to influence the military growth there. 21 people are dead after two car bombs went off today in two baghdad neighborhoods. the blasts occurred at almost the same time and broke a period of calm after the end of the holy month of ramadan.
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dozens of others were injured. police also say a roadside bomb injured at least four people when it exploded near a market in central baghdad. now to a story you will likely be hearing more about in the coming week. the u.s. army has charged members of a platoon stationed in afghanistan of embarking on a month-long shooting spree of afghanistan civilians, basically for sport. soldiers stationed in kandahar with the fifth stryker have been charged in three ditss and accusations the father of one member tried a half dozen times to warn the pentagon about the so-called kill team but says he got nowhere. it is over. the final pressure test is complete on the blownout bp oil well in the gulf of mexico. some time this morning scientists will confirm that the fractured well responsible for the worst oil spill in the nation's history is permanently sealed. the pressure test involved engineers exerting 15,000 pounds of weight against the cement
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plug to make sure it would not budge. they also exerted nearly 1200 pounds per square inch of pressure. no word yet from bp or the federal government as to whether the well is officially killed. sealing it will not solve the problem the gulf faces today and for the foreseeable future. a search continues this morning in southern california for members of a cult-like religious organization whose families have reported them missing. this woman, reyna chicas is among the missing and reportedly the leader of the cult. the families of the cult members reported their relatives missing yesterday. los angeles county investigators are searching the desert area near palmdale for five adults as well as eight children between the ages of 3 and 17. the group left notes indicating they were going to meet jesus and meet their deceased relatives. authorities fear they are planning a mass suicide.
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next up for you, imagine -- an arizona woman who had acid splashed in her face is speaking out. investigators think her attacker was copying an attack in vancouver, washington, which revealed this past week to be a hoax. daria is recovering with family in massachusetts. the woman has second degree burns on her face, neck and chest and makes you think her inner jess didn't have to happen. before her ordeal a woman told police in washington state a woman put acid in her face. the pain from her attack is difficult for her to describe. >> it's so hard to describe. it felt like not just a burn on the surface of a skin, felt like it was burning my flesh to the bone, on fire. it's upsetting knowing what it felt like. and to think that she could do that to herself. >> valarde is a mother of five, chose month place blame and
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wants to focus on her recovery. she does hope the woman in washington state will get mental help. coming up next on "today in the bay" in sickness and surgery a reality competition where winning bay nose could win the bride a new nose. and a good sunday morning. live from san francisco, look at the dark clouds. some of them will produce a little rain, not a whole lot. i'll tell you how much in just a bit. your forecast is coming up. [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days.
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but what really happened?
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cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. welcome back to the program. 7:17 is the time. it is sunday morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> waking us up. >> thanks for waking us up too. that doesn't come until the second half hour of the show. talk about weather a little scattered showers. >> exactly. a little bit here and there, not a whole lot, but it's the last full summer or last, what is it,
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weekend of summer. >> yeah. >> there. we're still waking you. >> take you outside, the fog begins on thursday. >> san francisco live, just a beautiful start to the morning. i love these kind of clouds. i guess the weather geek in me, plenty of high and mid level clouds and some will produce rain. next stop to oakland and some passing over the east side of the bay. we've got plenty of cloud cover, most areas across the bay area across sin noll, the same story, a little sunshine there. some of you already saw the sun come up and as we go through say about 10:00, the clouds thicken up a little bit more. the south end of the bay, as we look out over san jose and city hall, don't expect a whole lot in san jose, just a couple drops. again not a lot. trace amounts if that for san jose and places south of there. 59 in san francisco right now. some 50s for livermore and also for sunnyvale 60s for the bay area into the north end of the bay as well. not going to warm up a whole lot. the radar, we have a front passing through. this is front number one.
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it extends down through sacramento, now going into the north part of the bay area and then behind it we've got some more reinforcements. this will give us a couple scattered showers in nature as we go through the afternoon. they're just little pockets here and there, slowly sag down to the south as we go through the morning hours. lake county, mendocino, northern napa and sonoma, the most amount of rain. as we head farther to the south not a whole lot going on. this is a one-hour loop for the past one hour, see the showers have moved off and now moving off into the valley area into the sacramento area. so what's happening here, is some of the rain that's falling through, is enough to wet the roadways, moving through quickly and behind it a bit of a break, south end of the bay nothing going on just yet. the front that came through last night moving through right now and then that reinforcement i was talking about right in through there. it's not a whole big storm. it's just a little bit. enough to give us some of that rain. also some showers and thunderstorms. that little piece coming in this morning, has some unsettled air
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up above, cold unsettled air might give us a couple lightning strikes. east side of the bay, trace to tenth, same for the south end of the bay, more like a trace. about a quarter inch to half inch to the hills for the north end of the bay. half inch to three quarters of an inch done by about 1:00. we've got two games going on today. the raiders regular season home opener and giants at 1:05. we start at 10:00 in the morning, the rains come off into the north end of the bay, stays across the north end of the bay by 12:00 and 1, whatever starts to fall will be light. most of it close to ukiah. will not have much from either of the games. starting to clear out. 70s only in the forecast at the warmer spots, closer to livermore and san jose. most of us will be in the 60s are today. sun set at 70. should be a beautiful sun set with the clouds left over from the storm passing through. then as we go through tomorrow we start to warm back up, near 80 in the warmer spots. again fall begins at 8:09 p.m.
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on thursday, really didn't have much of a summer but we're jumping right into fall, right. >> what's your prediction? one of those really -- a cool summer. >> yeah. >> hot falls? >> sometimes we'll have two in a row, two or three in a row. might have another cool winter. >> thank you very much. imagine a groom lifting his bride's vail and not recognizing face beneath it. in a show called "bridal plasty" brides compete in wedding themed challenges to win cosmetic surgery. "the hollywood reporter" says the women will be voted off by their competitors one by one. the last bride standing will win a dream wedding where she will reveal her new look to family, friends and husband. the show set to debut on the e network and hosted by shane na moakler. still ahead on "today in the bay" jerry rice hung up his cleats and now he will have his jersey hung up too. how the niners are honoring jerry just ahead.
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coming up in sports last night tim linskom did get yanked early. we'll show you why. the as in minnesota and andrew luck in stanford busting out against wake forest. we have the highlights in sports.
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bm. the playoff race is on for the san francisco giants. laura bank ki has that and more. >> good morning, everyone. in september baseball, there is often a game within the game. it's called scoreboard watching. for the final two weeks of the regular season the giants will be keeping close tabs on a pair of teams. the padres and rockies, making each win that much more crucial. last night no exception as tim faced the brewers trying to preserve the giants slim half game division lead. facing trouble, bases loaded, the hit to right. two runs are going to score. it's 2-0, brewers. bottom five, we have the same score.
7:25 am
one out, runners on the corner and decides to pull tim for a pinch hitter. not happy. only threw 70 some pitches. nate sherholds would walk. no grounder, could be a double play, he is safe at first. pablo sandoval scores, the 2-1 score. stays that way to the bottom of the ninth, pat burrell, goes down swinging. the giants loses 2-1. they face a sweep later today. so what about the padres? san diego facing the cards in st. louis yesterday. they actually blew a two-run lead in the eighth. in the ninth we're tied at 4. ludswick, taking care of that. three-run shot, pads up 7-4, they would add another home run. they win 8-4. they now have a half gamed three over the giants. the rockies are now one game back and the giants trail the wild card by two games. meanwhile in minnesota yesterday, the twins kevin slowey had not allowed a hit this season until the first inning when powell took him deep. bottom sixth, tied at one, a jam
7:26 am
two on for the twins rookie danny valencia, three-run homer makes it 4-1 twins. as would add another but not enough. the twins get the win. if the heisman trophy were handed out after the first two games of the season, no interceptions so far and that's before the show the stanford star put on as the number 19 cardinals hosted wake for east at stanford stadium, for the first time since 2001, second quarter, luck on a roll, finds 12-yard strike, 27-7 stanford. the route is on. later in the quarter, getting it done on the ground. nowhere to throw so he has to run. 52-yard scamper into the house for the touchdown. 34-7 at that point. luck had four passing tds, one running, 276 total yards. stanford cruises to a 3-0 start to the season. and it may have been the fact
7:27 am
they were home for the first time this season or they weren't facing a ranked opponent. either way, san jose state grabbed its first win beating southern utah 16-11 out at spar tan stadium last night. and that is your morning look at sports. have a great day. if any of those college football players want to go on and play for the niners they will have to choose a jersey number other than 80. because 80 is about to be retired. tomorrow night the 49ers will retire jerry rice's iconic number 80 jersey at a halftime ceremony at candlestick park. the latest accolade in what has been a banner year for the football legend. this summer rice took his place in the football hall of fame. the niners play the saints tomorrow at 5:30. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up next 7:30, insurance giants are seeing soaring profits. what's behind the major rate increase across the state? we'll show you the companies that are involved. barbara boxer.uncer ] she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california.
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her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again.
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welcome back to the program. coming up on 7:30. live look from san bruno mountains speaking of san bruno, an event for the fire victims. the high school i was told i mispronounced that earlier, must have had coffee -- >> trying to wake up. >> craig herrera is here to get us up to speed. >> the clouds look nice. they're dark. it's a little cool out there. we had the muggy conditions yesterday. today a little cooler and some scattered showers, not a lot, waking up to 50s and 60s. what does fall today will be from san francisco and oakland and places north of there and most of this will be a morning event. by 12:00, 1:00, we're done. what we get will be a little bit, trace amounts for the south end of the bay. and then san francisco, close to a tenth, maybe a quarter in the north of there where most of it will fall for napa sonoma and mendocino. scattered showers at noon, but by 1:00 the giants playing and
7:31 am
the radars are both playing. i think we'll start to see clearing by then. beautiful sunset with all the clouds left over and clearing tomorrow. your seven day in a bit. >> thank you very much. it appears a settlement has been reached between toyota and relatives of four people killed in a crash that highlighted the dangers of toyota's sticking gas pedal problem. in august of last year a highway patrol officer his wife, their 13-year-old daughter and a brother-in-law were killed when the gas pedal in their lexus got stuck in a floor mat that caused their car to reach speeds of 120 miles an hour before crashing. the details of the settlement have not been released. still toyota face dozens of other lawsuits over the faulty gas pedal problem. health insurance premiums are going up for more than a million californians in less than two weeks. the state insurance commissioner okayed the increase at aetna this weekend even though the insurance company is reporting soaring profits. today in the bay's diane dwyer reports. >> reporter: insurance premiums are going up by an average of
7:32 am
19% for a million california customers of aetna, blue shield of california, health net and anthem blue cross. those four companies provide insurance for 90% of all individual policy holders in the state. >> that's ridiculous. i don't have insurance at all. i barely have a job and barely employed. >> that's why so many don't have health insurance right now. they can't afford it. >> reporter: aetna responded saying, rate increases are never easy, but the increasing prices for hospital care, prescription drugs, doctors visits and other services, directly impacts what our members pay. people we talked to said it's hard to understand how aetna is talking about increasing costs, hurting the bottom line, when it just announced a 42% increase in profits to nearly $500 million for the second quarter of this year, compared to the same time last year. >> to have the big people continue to profit off of the little people, that's just not
7:33 am
right at all. >> reporter: a spokesman for steve poisoner the state commissioner said today, he does not support the increases, but has no authority to block the rate hikes, as long as they comply with state law. the law requires insurers to spend 70 cents of every premium dollar on medical claims. >> that was diane dwyer reporting. the rates go into effect october 1st. the increases are smaller than the 39% increase that anthem had originally planned to implement several months ago. and speaking of money, shaping up to be a big week on wall street. here's cnbc's sue herrera with what you can expect when the markets open. >> reporter: all eyes on wall street will be focused on washington this week. the federal reserve bank will meet to discuss interest rates and what, if any, steps policymakers might take to help jump start the struggling economic recovery including buying more bonds, mortgage backed securities and maybe even stocks to circulate more cash through the economy.
7:34 am
more readings on the state of the nation's housing market and some of it should be pretty good. new and existing home sales along with new home building are expected to rise, but look for permits for future home construction and home prices to fall. we will also get quarterly earnings reports from some of the familiar names on wall street. bed, bath & beyond, discover financial, general mills and nike to name a few. starting this thursday new rules from the health care overhaul law go into effect. insurers may no longer deny coverage to people under the age of 19 based on preexisting conditions. also dependent children can stay under their parents' plans until 26. a list we would all like to be on. "forbes" magazine releases its lineup of the 400 wealthiest americans and he's back. hollywood's wall street big wig that everyone loves to hate. gordon gekko, he returns to the silver skrooek screen in "wall street money never sleeps." i'm sue herrera.
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get all your business news on cnbc. and a reminder also get your business and tech report before the markets open week days on "today in the bay" at 4:30 in the morning. toyota and tesla motors are ready to make cars in fremont. and continue an auto making tradition that's endured nearly five decades. the joint ven sure between toyota and general motor is about to be reborn. tesla takes ownership of the plant october 1st. the factory redesigned to accommodate paint to body assembly. it was a gm plant since 1963. tesla will build its model s sedan there. the all electric car will have a battery range of up to 300 miles. the car by the way will be on display this morning at the auto desk gallery in san francisco. coming up next on "today in the bay" babies learning to read. chances are you've seen the ads. gimmicks or genius? we'll investigate whether you should spend your money.
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for farptss parents of newborns their first wish is for a healthy baby, the second for a smart one. hence the appeal of the your baby can read program. you've seen the ads kids can be start to read as young as 2 months old. why are there so many on-line complaints about the program? nbc bay area investigates. >> what's that word? >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: flash cards. >> what's this word? >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: tos. >> what's that? >> i. >> reporter: to handwritten words. >> what's that word? [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: 2-year-old sonya isn't shy about her word skills. >> it definitely wasn't an
7:39 am
impulse buy. >> reporter: the mom says sonya started the your baby can read program when she was 5 months old. >> around 10 months we really got confirmation she knew what the words were. for instance, you know, we'd say, find the word elephant and she would crawl over and find the word elephant. >> reporter: dad was skeptical at first but the program delivered results. >> looking at it going no way, 14 months and can read these words. to be honest she did it. >> reporter: but a quick on-line search turns up plenty of parent complaints about the $200 program. >> i can honestly say that i don't really see a difference in my daughter's reading. >> reporter: many reviews say the dvds are too repetitive and rely on memorization rather than teaching to read by sounding words out. >> every parent wants their child to do well and be successful. >> reporter: his is a certified reading and spelling tutor. >> reading is the combination of
7:40 am
chronological awareness, recognizing the sounds and ledders and then putting them together into words and it's -- it would be really unusual for a 12-month-old to be able to do that. what you want to do is expose them to words and language and stories. >> reporter: as for the product's claims that the best and easiest time to learn a language is during the infant and toddler years, reagan says different babies learn at different rates. >> i think what we have to be careful of is overdoing that and pushing a child before they're ready. >> if your baby can't read at 2, don't panic. >> i certainly wouldn't. >> reporter: as for sonya, she's moved on. her parents say she rarely uses the program anymore but what she learned and is still learning was worth the time and money. >> it's one facet of the things thatry available to her. she plays with her toys, she's going out to the park. this is just one other thing. >> this is going to familiarize them with words, reading, the
7:41 am
concept of it and ultimately better off for it. >> reporter: baby steps toward a lifetime of reading. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> we tried contacting the company for comment but did not respond to our requests. for more on the red flags for your child may be struggling to read, logon to and search reading. if you've tried this program share your thoughts by posting a comment. still ahead on "today in the bay" from foes to fren mys, bill clinton goes to bat for candidates including jerry brown. will the endorsement help get democrats into office? political analyst larry gurston weighs in just ahead. .
7:42 am
7:43 am
it is now day 81 california has been on pratsing without a state budget for this fiscal year. state legislatures making
7:44 am
history this weekend and not even at work reaching the largest budget stalemate ever. budget talks resume tomorrow when leaders go back to determine how to close a $19 billion state budget gap. until a new budget is passed health care providers and other venders are not getting paid. workers are being furloughed and iouness october. some think state legislatures are playing games. >> as long as these guys continue to screw around and take a long time and not do their job in a timely manner, they're going to be out of office real soon. >> i think there is a strategy that calls for delaying the budget until -- as much as possible to make an issue of the budget delay. >> only two other states besides california require a two-thirds vote to pass a budget. legislatures say it's a top priority to change that to a simple majority. >> mayor michael bloomberg is heading to california to campaign for meg whitman.
7:45 am
bloomberg will travel to california next month to urge voters to back whitman instead of jerry brown. he tells "the new york times" he's trying to push his centrist brand of politics making endorsements in marquee races and helping moderate candidates fend off tea party members. whitman broke be bloomberg's record for the most personal money spent on a campaign. democratic candidate jerry brown got an endorsement of his own. former president bill clinton will campaign in california for jerry brown and gavin newsom the party's nominee for lieutenant governor. for more on the meaning of the clinton visit let's check with larry gurston. this is not bill clinton arriving for the first time in this campaign. he's been a part of this campaign already. >> oh, yes. as a matter of fact, he was part of it in a strange way when gavin newsom set out to run for governor not so long ago, we don't remember that anymore, but he did at one time, clinton was among his first endorsements.
7:46 am
that goes way back to the bad blood between jerry brown extending as far back as '92, back when clinton ran for re-election in 2006, brown took great pride in voting for the green party candidate ralph nader. >> meg whitman brings in this old clip with bill clinton. >> yes. >> attacking jerry brown during a debate and that's become one of the big stories of the campgn. so, if i'm jerry brown, why do i want bill clinton, why do i want to stand next to bill clinton? >> brings up bad memories of this ad. >> if you're jerry brown, the first thing you do is zip it for what you said because you need bill clinton badly. clinton offers two things for brown, both very important. first of all he's got that huge roll low deck and that has lots of names in it and those names have lots of money, especially the hollywood crowd. you want to see that very important. brown needs money in case you don't know it, he's being outspent about six to one. now, secondly, of course, it's to energize the democratic base.
7:47 am
everybody's been worried if you're a democrat at least, the democrats aren't coming out. they're just not enthused. they have a candidate they're not excited about, not only here but nationwide the same problem. if you can energize that base with the most popular democrat in the country, bill clinton, that can go a long way toward offsetting some of that malaise. >> interesting. let's switch talk national for a second. let's talk tea party. some more success in some recent primaries around the country for those backed by the tea party movement. but then, there's almost this question of, is the tea party uniting or is the tea party movement uniting the republican party or splitting up the republican party with bad effects in november. >> one of the problem with the tea party is figuring out what the tea party is. we know there's some concern about things such as big government. we know there are concerns about things such as the health care thing. perhaps our loss of prestige, things of that kind of stuff. we know all that stuff.
7:48 am
look, middle class folks who belong to this group some of them are just afraid they're going to lose their jobs, lose their houses, retirement pensions, all that kind of stuff. while they have all these general themes, we're not sure what they are for. so until the tea party comes out with something they're for to unite around it's going to be something of a desperate group. no doubt about it. >> locally driving down 680 recently what they're for is anti-incumbency. a bunch of kind of almost homemade billboards about throw the bums out, regardless of your party, you're just in trouble if you're in power. >> that's the one thing that they all agree on. the guys who are there, no matter who they are, aren't the guys we want. that gets to be a little difficult because okay, who do you want? and until they come forward with that it's going to be difficult for those folks to make case for themselves. >> the danger is whether
7:49 am
inserting themselves into some of the republican primaries they're nominating people who might not do the best in the general election. thereby defeating if you have a democratic incumbent and want to get them out it may defeat that purpose. >> in the politics make strange bed fellows category, the democrats are actually very pleased with this party. the tea party group. why? because as they come up with what some people would call fringe candidates the democrats believe it will be easier for them to win in the fall. so sharon engle wins in nevada, harry reed was on his way out and now she comes in and looks a lot easier for reid, the democrat to get re-elected. democrats thought they were going to lose the senate. now they're confident they won't. >> i like how you brought that back, strange bed fellows and clinton and brown. thank you very much, larry gurston. we'll be right back.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
good morning again, everyone. it is sunday morning, 7:51 is the time. if you got plans to head out today, you're going to want to listen to what this man has to say. a little bit of rain in the forecast. >> some people will need umbrellas, others nothing at all. >> even when standing next to each other. >> cloud over you. >> pockets of showers. yeah. so if your neighbor has one today will probably last five minutes and it's done, might get to your house later. live in san francisco toward the golden gate bridge. what a gorgeous shot. some of those clouds producing just a little bit of rain. there is the closer shot of the golden gate bridge. people are coming across from the north end of the bay, headed over to the north end of the bay. we had rain that came through earlier. next shot as we head out over the east side of the bay, cloud cover here and couple early showers moved through. couple scattered showers by noon and done. as we head into the south into the bay you're not going to get a whole lot here. maybe a trace amount, probably
7:53 am
not much at all. as we go through the morning hours we're waking up to 50s and 60s around the bay area. not going to warm up much more than that. over the past hour, some of those showers i was talking about have moved off and crossing over into the central valley. up north a few more showers getting ready to come in. this is the front and behind it cold air coming through and that will give us a chance for lightning strikes into the north end of the bay, especially north of say napa and sonoma and mendocino county you have trace amounts for the south end of the bay. quarter inch or so for the hills, for the north bay, a little more once you get into lake county and mendocino county. by this afternoon we're into the 60s and a couple of low 70s. you've got the raiders game i was talking about at 1:05 and the giants at 1:05. we should be done with any rain coming through. this is not a big storm and not a whole lot of rain but a little bit. and as we go through the remainder of the seven-day forecast, sunny and warm through monday, tuesday and wednesday, and then we get into thursday,
7:54 am
that is fall. it's that time already. i know we didn't have much of a summer. we're jumping into fall and soon winter. that's thursday at 8:09 p.m. so no, we will continue to see more of the sunshine through the rest of this week. we've got, you know, garvin, not a whole lot of rain we were talking about, you know, this is the last weekend of the summer season and then you've got just, you know, a little bit of rain going through. again it's not a whole lot. as we get into more rain there, we wonder what it's going to be like for this winter. >> the summer ended but it never started. >> what summer? >> thank you very much. >> thank you for making us part of your morning. our next news cast tonight is at 5:00. "meet the press" with david gregory is next. have a terrific sunday. >> take care.
7:55 am
which have some unbelievable technology. garret is the ceo of eagle shield. steve clark is his project manager. and you have to be so excited. all the technology you have with your company, talk to us about it. >> we're very excited as you'll see today when we go into our high performance nano technology window film, but people know us as a one-stop energy store. we provide solutions that have their origins in space.
7:56 am
now we do homes and businesses with high performance reflective installation that's been wrapped around spacecrafts and suits protects them from heat and cold, put in high performance window films. that was used on the stealth bomber to make it invisible to heat radar, and now when you put it on windows, it saves you a lot of money, makes you more comfortable plus you can see through it clearly. first thing's first is what we do is come out and perform an energy audit. use a thermal imaging camera that ranges $2350 for your viewers we're waiving that fee. >> great deal. >> 1-800-811-0466 or go to our website eagle what i would like to do is turn it over to my project manager steve clark and have him explain the benefits and show you just exactly how this nano film works. >> let's show off this technology. the high performance film is right here on this window installed on this window and not on this window. let's bring in the heat lamp and
7:57 am
you're going see how hot it gets. the sun can come through your window. >> we're showing about 400 btus through this nice dual payne anderson window. >> it's going to radiate in and build up temperature on the floor. now we're showing between 40 to 50 btu snooze it's like a shield, so not only is it reflecting the heat but in the winter time keeps the heat in. which is the key to this technology. >> the technology is so amazing. it was listed by popular science as one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium, that's how good it is. >> give us that offer one more time. >> for your viewers for calling our toll-free number now, 1-800-811-0466 or go to our website they will now get that 15-point energy audit valued at $350, get it for free and the first 200 callers that call right now they will receive a space-age water
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heater blanket, same technology used in space, wrap around the water heater, will double their hot water and give them a 20% savings for calling now. >> great technology on green ovation. [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland,
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